Towards a new circulation of the living arts in Europe?

26 May 2021

This activity will take place on Wednesday, May 26th at 12:00 pm (EDT).

Since touring is linked to a business model that requires mobility in territories that are currently closed, we are seeing the emergence in Europe of a reflection aiming at redefining the terms "international", "ecology" and "path". Shouldn't we then speak of "distribution" and "circulation" while referring to the "transmission of artistic voices" ? Would there be a new way of seeing the circulation of artistic voices with more equity and solidarity across borders ? How can we ensure that performing arts experiences, concepts and aesthetics continues to convey ideas that will spread and help build international communities ?

Charles Vallerand

Charles has more than 30 years of experience in cultural policies, public service broadcasting and international cooperation. He is currently Specialist, Program Optimization at Telefilm Canada. Since 2015, he has been a member of the Expert Facility of the 2005 UNESCO Convention, providing capacity-building assistance on the governance of cultural policy and on media diversity to developing countries. He is the publisher of a weekly press review "Cultures in the Digital Era" covering emerging issues and best practices in arts and culture. As a consultant, he recently authored UNESCO's policy toolkit Culture in Crisis: Practical guide for a resilient creative sector and the City of Montreal's 2017-2022 Cultural Development Policy. Previously, Charles was General Secretary of the International Federation of Coalitions for Cultural Diversity. He has worked successively for the Department of Canadian Heritage, the Canadian Embassy in Paris, TV5 Quebec Canada, CBC/Radio-Canada and Rights & Democracy.

Heidi Wiley Executive Director European Theatre Convention (ETC)

Since 2009, Heidi Wiley has established ETC as a European network with an international programme of artistic collaboration, professional development and advocacy for Europe’s public theatres spanning more than 25 countries. Under her leadership, ETC became a strategic partner of the European Commission and was awarded European prizes for youth theatre and digital theatre productions in the fields of audience development and cultural heritage as organisation for its outstanding achievement. She was invited to the European Expert Network on Culture and Audiovisual (EENCA) as expert author and co-initiated the first European Theatre Forum with the European Commission and German EU Council Presidency. Heidi started her career as international producer and touring manager for artists Victoria Chaplin and the Tiger Lillies, touring around Europe and Asia at major festivals and theatre venues. A studied cultural manager with degrees from La Sorbonne and Leuphana University, she lived and worked over the last 20 years in the UK, US, France and Germany.

Stéphane Segreto-Aguilar Head of International Development • Coordinator Réseau Circostrada

Stéphane Segreto-Aguilar is the Head of International Development at ARTCENA, the French National Center for Circus Arts, Street Arts, and Theater, as well the Coordinator of Circostrada, the European Network for circus arts and street arts. Holder of a MA in Arts Management and European Cultural Policies, he has been exploring for more than ten years the interconnections between culture, identity and international relations, while promoting artistic creation as a tool for social transformation and experimenting with new ways of cooperation and governance.

Yohann Floch Secretary General European Dancehouse Network (EDN)

Yohann Floch has been a cultural consultant working for independent arts organisations and cultural institutions, and an advocate for arts & culture, tirelessly supporting cultural exchanges in Europe and with other continents.
Passionate about the contemporary performing arts, he has designed, coordinated or contributed to many European cooperation projects and pilot international collaborations over the years, including recently Europe Beyond Access (led by British Council), Learning Trajectories (led by Eunia), SHIFT (led by the European Music Council), i-Portunus (led by Goethe Institut), Innovative Leadership Network (led by Dansehallerne) among many others.
He has been an external expert for governmental bodies as well as private foundations and other intermediary organisations active in artistic programming, cultural entrepreneurship or internationalisation strategies. He is a guest lecturer at French universities, facilitates professional gatherings and international mentoring programmes.
Board member of On the Move, the international network dedicated to cultural mobility, Yohann also leads FACE, a European platform developing capacity building programmes for artists and culture professionals. Finally, he is international advisory board member of the Danish organisation IMMART-International Migration Meets the Arts.