These past few months have been synonymous with silence and instability in the performing arts community. Despite the health restrictions still in effect, it is now time for us to come together (virtually) in solidarity, to converse, debate, and find solutions together in order to re-appropriate our destiny.

In this context of uncertainty and apprehension, CINARS must act, now more than ever, as the meeting hub for the international performing arts community. Reaping the benefit of its experience with the Biennales, CINARS Web steps forward, so that we may maintain this vital connection, as well as to offer a not-to-be-missed multi-disciplinary online event.

The official program will be comprised of video samples of shows, followed by discussions with the artists, as well as pitch sessions, which will allow you to discover inspiring new national and international projects.

In order to offer opportunities to broaden your contact networks, as well as to meet other cultural professionals, we will be offering a virtual exhibition hall. Furthermore, we will be making available a personal introduction system, in which professionals will be brought together according to common interests, so that they can partake in customized B2B meetings.

You will also be able to share ideas in several conferences and round-table discussions, in partnership with various cultural organizations. We will offer an opportunity to reflect and make an assessment of this challenging crisis, to lend a hand to cultural diversity, to take steps towards opening borders and to imagine new possibilities that will create our common future.

With CINARS Web, CINARS intends, much like with the Biennale, to create an event in which cultural industry professionals can develop real touring opportunities, build longstanding relationships, and update their knowledge.

It is now time to step forward, to give hope wings and to look forward towards our common future.


If you have questions about CINARS Web, our FAQ is here to help you.

1. Does CINARS Web replace the 19th CINARS Biennale?

CINARS Web is an additional event in CINARS’ activity calendar. The 19th CINARS Biennale will take place from May 24 through May 29, 2021 in Montreal.

2. How can I participate in CINARS Web?

Registration is required if you wish to attend CINARS Web. You need to fill out a registration form and to pay the registration fee before October 27, 2020. For the current rates and registration forms, please consult the Registration and Rates section.

3. Once I am registered, can I attend the entirety of the activities offered as part of CINARS Web?

Yes. However, your registration on CINARS Web does not automatically sign you up to the entirety of the activities presented. We suggest that you reserve your spot by selecting the activities on the CINARS platform in which you wish to participate. Tutorials on navigating the CINARS Web platform will soon be available in the section CINARS Web Platform.

4. What would a day online look like?

Even virtually, we wish to create, much like with the Biennale, an event with a true-to-life experience. Each day, we will invite you to carve out your own path, partaking in B2B networking sessions in order to expand your network. You will be able to set up personalized meetings, participate in targeted and inspiring conferences, view video footage of shows followed by discussions with the artists, as well as see presentations of projects from the entire world. Every day a different discipline will be featured, and of course, there will be a virtual exhibit hall, available around the clock. To consult the detailed schedule of CINARS Web, please visit the Schedule section.

5. When will the program be announced?

The program will be unveiled during the month of October. Details of the entirety of the activities presented will be available in the section Program.

6. Will I be able to contact the participants?

Yes. The platform used during CINARS Web gives you the opportunity to meet performing arts professionals. A digital appointment planner, instant messaging, as well as private video calls are part of the tools put at your disposal in order to develop your network. A virtual exhibition room will also be available. To learn more about navigating this platform, video tutorials will soon be available in the section CINARS Web Platform.

7. Is my registration personal and non-transferable?

Yes, each registration is non-transferable and cannot be used by a third party.

8. Can I be reimbursed if I cannot attend CINARS Web?

All registrations are non refundable.

9. Can I still present a project?

The call for submissions for the pitch sessions is now closed.

10. In which language will be presented the various activities of CINARS Web?

All the activities will be available in English and French.

11. I'm looking for my profile in the list of participants on the CINARS Web platform and I can't find it. Am I registered?

If you are logged in to the platform, you are registered for the event. Your own profile is not displayed in the list of participants. You can only access your profile in the "My Profile" section.

12. I still haven't received my invitation email to access the CINARS Web platform, what can I do?

If you did not receive your invitation email, check your junk mailbox. Otherwise email us at

13. When I try to login to the CINARS Web platform, I get an error message. What should I do?

Try opening the platform using another web browser. Preferably use Google Chrome or Firefox. If trying on different browsers does not resolve the problem, please email us at

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at

CINARS Web Platform

The CINARS platform wishes to offer you a real experience.

A true dynamic crossroads, it will give you direct access to the entire CINARS WEB program.

From your personalized page, you can share ideas and meet industry professionals through a customized introduction system, where people are brought together according to their common interests. You can discover new artists through video footage of shows, as well as through the presentations of new projects. You will be able to participate in several conferences, as well as manage your schedule and meetings through the use of the platform. There is no need to click on, or to download another application. Everything is brought together in one convenient location.

If you wish, you may purchase a virtual exhibition booth for your artistic company or agency. Much like a physical booth, you will be able to broadcast your promotional video, share you promotional documents, chat with visitors via instant messaging, as well as organize several meetings.

If you wish to learn more about the features of the CINARS Web platform, presentation and tutorial videos will soon be available.

The platform will be accessible to participants one week before the start of the event on November 2.

Overview of the CINARS Web Platform

Video tutorial for participants

Video tutorial for exhibitors


- Participant's guide

- Exhibitor's guide


The CINARS Web offers different advertising opportunities that provide exposure for artistic companies and organizations that wish to stand out from the rest of the participants during and after the event. Many opportunities suited for all budgets.

Click HERE to discover all the advertising opportunities.

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Press Officer
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Chantal Cimon, Vice President (PLA'C'ART)

Marjorie Deschamps, Secretary-Treasurer (Résonances)

Alain Paré, Administrator (CINARS)

George Skalkogiannis, Administrator

Claude de Grandpré, Administrator (Théâtre Hector-Charland)

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Alain Paré
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China Project Manager

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South Korea Project Manager

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Partners' offers

CINARS is proud to partner with International Arts Manager during CINARS Web 2020!

As a participant, you can now download for free the Canadian special edition of the magazine published on October 22nd, 2020.

You will also benefit from a 20% discount on the purchase of a digital subscription by using the CINARS code during your transaction.