Project Presentations

13 November
10:30 - 12:00
Fairmont Le Reine Elizabeth — Duluth
The Project Presentations is an activity that allows artistic companies selected by a jury to share information about a new project with the artists, agents and presenters taking part in the CINARS Biennale. The selected companies are currently looking for partners to develop a new work, a new production or an artistic or financial partnership.

Project organized in partnership with DAM (Diversité artistique Montréal) and ELAN (English-Language Arts Network).
Anand Bhatt Aakash Odedra Company
Aakash Odedra(UK/India) and Shenyuan Hu (China) are virtuoso dancers in their native classical languages. They find common ground between their heritage and contemporary expression. These neighbouring ancient civilisations have exchanged culture for centuries. The Himalayas create the highest natural border and yet the teachings of Buddha found a way through.
Alexandre Hamel Le Patin Libre
Le Patin Libre was founded by international level figure skaters who wanted to free themselves from « On Ice » stereotypes. Inspired by flock of birds, they're working on their first piece for a large ensemble with 15 virtuosic skaters dedicated to the continuation of this contemporary revolution of skating.
Claire Costa Plexus Polaire / Yngvild Aspeli
The sea connects us, it lies between the continents and somehow draws invisible lines between the different corners of the world. Facing this moody creature, we are all the same. Endlessly small. Moby Dick is the tale of a whaling expedition, but also the story of an obsession, and an investigation into the meaning of life.
Mélanie Demers MAYDAY
After Animal Triste (2016), which explored the story of humanity, writ small, Mélanie Demers’ new creation brings the focus to bear on the future of our species, attempting to imagine a micro-society where humans are impelled to measure themselves against their destiny. MAYDAY presents a dystopic world where the vain ballets of humanity are transformed into a work of anticipation.
Lawrence Cherney Soundstreams Canada
The Journey is a landmark project. Two one-act operas rooted in Indigenous mythology: Pimooteewin, a Cree-language opera from the Canadian prairies; Gállábártnit, a Sami-language opera inspired by far northern Nordic legends. The operas are cross-cultural collaborations among Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists, with participation from companies from Canada, Sweden, and Norway.
Heloise Bourgeois Cirque Entre Nous
Héloïse Bourgeois, after 10 years of touring with "Les 7 doigts", won the Festival de Demain in 2012 with her Chinese pole duo. A year ago, she founded the collective “Between us” and continues her research by pushing the acrobatic language on the border of dance and theater.
Esteban Fourmi AE Dance Company
REBOOT, AE’s second work, is an exploration of human sensations and how they connect us human beings. Looking at the notion of transhumanism, we reimagine our future and cycles of life. It is presented in two interlinked parts as separate events – a full-length evening performance and a family-friendly participatory performance installation.
Peggy Baker Peggy Baker Dance Projects
Choreographed by acclaimed Canadian dance artist Peggy Baker, who we are in the dark offers the immediacy of daring contemporary dance; supercharged live music; and sophisticated design elements from artists working with pigment, projection, and light. Jeremy Gara and Sarah Neufeld, both members of Grammy and Juno award-winning rock band Arcade Fire, are joined on stage by seven extraordinary dancers in a work that explores and illuminates shifting identities, betrayals, secrets, and intimacies played out in the dark.

Aakash Odedra Company

A breathtaking dance-theatre piece choreographed by Aakash Odedra about individuals trying to find a voice to stand against oppression. Winner of the Freedom of Expression Award 2017 by Amnesty International, #JeSuis features an ensemble of seven...

12 November 2018 at 20:00


Andrea Peña & Artists

“6.58” presents three disarticulated tableaus that experiment the notion of flesh and mind, mediated by external forces. An exploration of 5 dancers, in conversation with the hegemony of a a machine, opera singer, and a DJ. Dancers: Kevin...

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dance Official Programming


Known for its eloquent dance, Cas Public now houses an atypical performer, Cai Glover, who overcame a hearing impairment to become a professional dancer. Hélène Blackburn has taken the unusual step of using his disability as a point of departure...

15 November 2018 at 14:30


Cas Public + Kopergietery

Known for its eloquent dance, Cas Public now houses an atypical performer, Cai Glover, who overcame a hearing impairment to become a professional dancer. Choreographer Hélène Blackburn has taken the unusual step of using his disability as a point...

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theatre OFF CINARS


A Casual Reconstruction is an interdisciplinary encounter between two old friends about blood, mothers, and the uncomfortable feelings around being native and/or non-native. Audience members act as avatars for six culturally mixed...

14 November 2018 at 18:45

circus Official Programming

Jamie Adkins

World renowned clown, juggler, and comic acrobat, Jamie Adkins, stumbles onstage, desperately trying to become the man he imagines himself to be. Sometimes endearing with his skillfully awkward juggling, his character always ends up touching the...

14 November 2018 at 14:30