Pitch session

work in progress Pitch Sessions
25 May 2021

This activity will take place at 2:00pm (EDT).

The pitch session allows companies and/or artists selected by a jury to share their work on a project in development, with the artists, agents and presenters attending CINARS Web. It is an excellent opportunity to generate real tours, discussions, projects and partnerships.

*These projects in creation were initially selected for the 19th edition of the CINARS Biennale. We are proud and pleased to present them to you during CINARS Web 2021.

Marilyn Perreault Théâtre I.N.K.

Théâtre I.N.K.
Duo in parts
Theatre (Canada-Quebec)

In this show, three duets between various performers representing three different “stages” in a couple’s journey, will portray the 18 key moments of their love story, from adolescence until the death of one of their partners. This show is the creation of eight directors and choreographers, who master the language of words, while also mastering the language of movement. They will stage two or three scenes/themes each. The audience will get to assess how far the couple has come, as well as engage in projections into the future, as one would do with any couple that has stood the test of time. But first, the audience will choose in which order it wishes to see the 18 key moments of their love story.

Kiya Tabassian Constantinople

Coeur et Beauté
Multidisciplinary Arts (Canada-Quebec)

The multilingual opera, Cœur et Beauté, is inspired by the medieval novel by the same name, written in 1436 by Fattahi. The libretto weaves through seven languages, an allegory full of plot twists. It describes the encounter and the ensuing budding love between the two main characters: Cœur (Heart), the son of Reason, King of the Occident, and Beauté (Beauty), the daughter of Love, King of the Orient. The music of this opera, resolutely infused with non-European musical traditions, will be a first of its genre. The composing of the work, as well as the choice of soloists and musicians will portray a deep dialogue between several musical traditions.

Fabien Marcil LA SERRE – arts vivants

Theatre (Canada-Quebec)

Will advancements in biotechnology make us the last human specimens who trace our origins to random genetics? How should we rethink reproduction, ecology, our relationship with the transitory nature of life, our duty to pass life along to the next generation, all through the lens of these transformations? Facing the growing breadth of these technologies aiming to “improve” us, Dominique Leclerc plays with these ideas, while making them accessible to the public at large, by staging an archive dedicated to the humans of tomorrow. The author and director has been interested over the past several years in the hopes, beliefs and paradoxes generated by these techno-utopias, while calling into question our collective capacity to navigate these new possibilities.

Marc Chornet Artells Projecte Ingenu

Projecte Ingenu
The day the last panda died
Multidisciplinary Arts (Spain)

The day the last panda died starts with an hypothesis: in a dystopic future pandas decide to extinct themselves. Scientists manage to incubate a panda bear embryo outside a womb. This opens the door to the artificial gestation of human beings. What future holds for us in a technological society? Artificial intelligence? Transhumanism? Genetic design? Will we still be human? What makes us human? Bioethics? Technology and humanity will coexist on the stage to explore the boundaries between them and the fusion of both. The language will mix the "animality" of the performers’ bodies and live electronic music. This integration will incorporate the ‘loop’ (main compositional element in electronics) into the performers behavior. We will use it as a primary resource for composing actions, situations, images… This endless repetition as a road for an introspective journey. As a metaphor for humanity with no possible future: the loop as an organic experience.

Danièle Desnoyers Le Carré des Lombes

Le Carré des Lombes
Project Montreal – Marrakech [working title]
Dance (Canada-Quebec / Morocco)

Choreographers Danièle Desnoyers and Taoufiq Izeddiou are co-creating a work based on establishing a dialogue between their respective artistic visions and the different ways they live, practice and present dance in Montreal and Marrakech. Around this collaboration navigates the desire to make their unique choreographic signatures resonate, to cross them and confront them with each other. Two performers from Marrakech, as well as two Montreal performers participate in this atypical creative process. The encounter with the other is the very essence of this cultural and artistic exchange. The singularity of the dancers and the permeability of the body in the face of distinct physical and sound environments, according to the realities of each, lead the creators to think and create differently. Great curiosity, shared values and views on dance are at the heart of this unusual experience.

Brigitte Poupart (Transthéâtre) & Michel Granger (Groupe 3.14) TransThéâtre & Groupe 3.14

Transthéâtre & Groupe 3.14
Until we die
Multidisciplinary Arts (Canada-Quebec)

Until We Die will be a show that is lived in reverse. What we see at the start of the show is nothing more or less than the end of the story. As the audience enters, they will see a scene that is a disaster frozen at exactly the moment when the disaster or cataclysm hit. Then as the show begins to unfold, we go back in time, the onstage scenes will rebuild to as they were before the cataclysm. Who has never dreamed of going back to change the course of things and thus thwart the inevitable? Until We Die culminates in the joy and celebration that preceded the tragedy that the audience discovered entering the theatre. Beyond a concept that pushes artistic boundaries and an immersive staging rarely, if ever, encountered in a touring production, Until We Die will also push innovation on all technical fronts. Sets and costumes will be constructed mostly from recycled materials, saving on waste. Lighting will feature laser concepts that allow for architectural effects rarely seen onstage and the original musical score will be presented through a state-of-the-art surround sound design.

Sarai Gomez Compagnia Finzi Pasca

Compagnia Finzi Pasca
Nuda (Naked) - I had never felt so alone, slight, naked.
Theatre (Switzerland)

A joyful, vital, light show, full of radiance and deep emotions in which the theatrical power of a narrative - a delicate and amusing story in which the female element emerges with force and poetry - blends, in absolute harmony, with the physical theatre and the acrobatic aerial dance of five multi-talented artists. An acrobatic and theatrical game with an innovative flight system, 200 suspended light tubes in dialogue with the story and a powerful sound atmosphere compose this magic and surrealist show. Nuda tells of twin sisters, one born dressed, the other naked, apparently in the shadow.

Martel Ollerenshaw Arts & Parts

Arts & Parts
Multidisciplinary Arts (Australia)

Solveig is:
- an ecosystem of memory, ice and flux, inspired by the fugitive terrain of Antarctica
-an ambitious interdisciplinary collaboration between practitioners including Genevieve Lacey and Paul Grabowsky (music), Amos Gebhardt (visual art), Steven Chown (science)
-an integrated audio-visual dialogue between acoustic and manipulated sound, light and image
- a durational live performance experience for large galleries or unconventional performance spaces (installation season and performance lengths are determined in consultation with the presenter)
- a host of online resources reflecting and expanding the creative work, sharing diverse knowledge systems, and continuing the impact after the artwork has gone