Open the Owl

Lutkovno gledališče Ljubljana (Ljubljana Puppet Theatre)

Theatre Pitch Sessions
27 May 2021

This show will be presented on May 27th at 9:30 am (EDT).

The performance Open the Owl brings back to stage the miniature characters from the performance The Owl Castle, created by Slovenian puppeteer Milan Klemenčič back in 1936. The young and renowned French director Renaud Herbin found his inspiration for this amazing performance in the storage of the Lutkovno gledališče Ljubljana where he was captivated by the miniature marionettes designed by the famous pioneer of Slovenian puppetry. Using Klemenčič's marionette heritage Herbin thus put the tradition of puppetry art into the context of contemporary performance practices. French novelist Célia Houdart upgraded Franz Pocci's story, tackling such issues as metamorphosis, ruse and deception, in the spirit of a contemporary philosophical tale. Its central character is Kauzenveit, a knight, who has been turned into an owl. He will regain his human form, only when he finds someone willing to pluck out all his feathers in order to fulfil his own wishes.

*This show was initially selected in the official program of the 19th edition of the CINARS Biennale. We are proud and pleased to present it to you during CINARS Web 2021.

Photo by Jaka Varmuz.
Represented by
Mr. Uroš Korenčan, General Manager Lutkovno gledališče Ljubljana – Ljubljana Puppet Theatre