Happily Ever After Nuclear Explosion

Reframe Theatre

Hong Kong (China)
Theatre Pitch Sessions
27 May 2021

This show will be presented on May 27th at 9:30 am (EDT).

Two people from the nuclear explosion affected area. She speaks, he can’t. He once witnessed a person being choked to death by the broken pieces of his organs; then he often has the feeling to be choked. They come here to introduce another face of post nuclear explosion. In there, the nature grows freely, flowers blossom. Green is the warmest colour. Animals lead their lives happily. But they can’t use conditioners and lotions in order not to be contaminated by radioactivity elements. Apart from these, nothing is not fine for living there.

*This show was initially selected in the official program of the 19th edition of the CINARS Biennale. We are proud and pleased to present it to you during CINARS Web 2021.

Photo by Winnie Yeung @ Visual Voices.

Represented by
Felix Chan Reframe Theatre