Collectif Mensuel

Multidisciplinary Arts Pitch Sessions
27 May 2021

This show will be presented on May 27th at 9:30 am (EDT).

The Collectif Mensuel and Nicolas Ancion renew their cooperation by signing Blockbuster, a “theatrical UFO”. Blockbuster is a parodic movie show realized from more than 1.400 sequence shots took in 160 Hollywood movies. From this titanic editing is born a blockbuster with an original script. All ingredients are gathered in this clever mashup: Manichean heroes, car-chases, spectacular explosions. The Collectif Mensuel performs skilfully the voice dubbing, the “homemade” sound effects and the music, all live. Blockbuster is a tale about violence from the dominant class on common people where humour is conceived as the instrument of protest. Liberating !

*This show was initially selected in the official program of the 19th edition of the CINARS Biennale. We are proud and pleased to present it to you during CINARS Web 2021.

Photo by Dominique Houcmant - Goldo.

Represented by
Adrien De Rudder Collectif Mensuel