Myriam Bleau

Digital Arts Pitch Sessions
26 May 2021

This show will be presented on May 26th at 9:30 am (EDT).

An exercise in sonifying sharp movements and pendulum physics, Ballistics - created in 2019 by Montreal-based composer and digital artist Myriam Bleau - is an audiovisual performance for four pendulum interfaces and a laser projector. The wireless luminous objects are equipped with motion sensors allowing for handheld manipulations, oscillations, spins and high momentum trajectories. Drawing inspiration from popular science fiction and mysticism, this performance uses digital modular synthesis to reveal a corroded and textural landscape of uneven rhythms.

*This show was initially selected in the official program of the 19th edition of the CINARS Biennale. We are proud and pleased to present it to you during CINARS Web 2021.

Photo by Aigi Boga.

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