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Call for applications


The call for applications for our official 2024 programming is now closed!

The announcement of the selected shows will be made to the companies concerned in mid-March and the official announcement in the spring.

Biennale registrations will open next spring.

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Discover some of the main areas that we want to put forward and make yourself known! We look forward to discovering your work.

  • Contemporary artistic shows (full-lenght)

CINARS has always programmed key contemporary shows in dance, circus, theater, music or multidisciplinary arts, whether in the context of intimate or large-scale performances. These works are at the heart of the DNA of our event. Shows with fiery approaches which disturb, impact, demand, shake up or which express themselves gently. Let's discover together the strong voices of each artistic discipline in their entirety (except music in certain cases).

  • Large stages to celebrate the living arts

We wish to welcome large forms so that all participants can celebrate artistic proposals dedicated to a wider audience.

  • Welcoming interdisciplinarity and hybridity

It is time to give a prime place to new works of interdisciplinarity and hybridity (replacing the name multidisciplinary) which reflect the new writings of the living arts. If you consider yourself part of this new artistic movement, know that we want to discover your work.

  • Young audiences

Works for young audiences and families are full of quality and we want to put them forward. Extraordinary artistic approaches can be found in this niche, all disciplines combined. We would like to showcase both intimate works on small stages and large-scale shows.

  • The big family of music

The current creation of musical works is a reflection of the world in which we live. Whether it is acoustic, electronic, crossover, contemporary, performed by high caliber artists, music brings us together, let’s make sure we find ourselves through it.

Note: we will offer a preferred time slot for music. No more music performances at the end of the evening.

  • Diversity and inclusion

CINARS wishes to affirm its inclusive nature for the living arts, from here and from all continents. We welcome diversity in all its forms as it offers a plurality of rich experiences.

  • Large stages, medium stages, small stages…

CINARS has already reserved large venues, mid-size venues as well as small, intimate venues. The shows selected by five international juries will be programmed in the venues best suited to the works.

  • Time slots depending on the types of shows and audiences

We will have lunchtime slots (small gauges), afternoon slots (medium gauges), early evening slots (large gauges) and late evening slots for daring artists of new trends (small gauges)!

As in the past, we will keep the slots for OFF shows! They are important partners!

  • Conferences and exchanges

The Biennale is not a festival, it is a crossroads of contemporary performing arts professionals who converge on Montreal. It’s a week full of reflection and inspiring content, like key words that make sparks fly across all networks. We are still planning inspiring conferences, round tables and workshops.


Presenters Rates - Observers Rates

A booth, half booth, or table rental includes an EXHIBITOR badge. This badge provides access to all CINARS Biennale 2024 activities


Exhibitors Rates - Observers Rates

All venue/festival presenters and administrators will be able to register for a PRESENTER badge, which provides access to all CINARS Biennale 2024 activities.


Presenters Rates - Exhibitors Rates

All association members, government representatives, and other delegates will be able to register for an OBSERVER badge, which gives access to all CINARS Biennale 2024 activities.

OFF-CINARS Performances

All companies registered as EXHIBITORS will be able to present OFF-CINARS performances during the CINARS Biennale 2024, as long as it takes place within the authorized schedule. All registered OFF-CINARS performances will be promoted on the CINARS Biennale’s website and mobile application.


To be eligible, an agent, artist, or company representative must:

  • Be registered as an EXHIBITOR in the CINARS Biennale 2024;
  • Give a performance within the OFF-CINARS authorized schedule;
  • Give a performance in a Montreal venue.

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