HUMANHOOD Dance Company

Royaume Uni / Espagne
Dance Performance
09 November 2022

Centre Pierre-Péladeau — Salle Pierre-Mercure - 18h à 19h30

{Infinite}, HUMANHOOD’s first Dance Theatre Meditation, guides the audience through a mystical journey where the outside world of the magical dance on stage will merge with your internal awareness. The premise is movement and consciousness, becoming aware of the infinite power that flows to and through us, giving life to all beings. During this piece, you will receive energetic transmissions both through words and movement, channeled by Julia and Rudi and embodied by a cosmic tribe of stunningly fluid dancers. {Infinite} presents a new way to experience a dance production, where the theatre becomes a sacred space conducive for internal realisations.

Teige Bisnought - Dancer

Peter Butler - Dancer

Rudi Cole - Dancer

Yun-Chi Lai - Dancer

Soulyun Park - Dancer

Julia Robert- Dancer

Piers Sanders- Dancer

Tzu-Yi Tseng - Dancer

Romee Van De Meent - Dancer

Represented by
Lani Huens HUMANHOOD Dance Company