Didem Basar

Music Performance
09 November 2022

Le National - Entre 22h et 23h30

Following her first album Levantine Rhapsody, the Turkish-born virtuoso Didem Basar presents her new works for the kanun, which she masters perfectly, in dialogue with the Andara quintet. This project for an ensemble of 7 musicians blends the musical traditions of Turkish modes with the colors and sounds of a classical music formation, including percussion.

Didem Basar - Conductor

Dominique Beauséjour-Ostiguy - Cellist

Jeanne Côté - Violinist

Vincent Delorme - Violist

Patrick Graham - Percussionist

Samuel-San Vachon - Double bass player

Marie-Claire Vaillancourt - Violinist

Represented by
Frédéric Léotar Centre des musiciens du monde