CHAOSMOS a decolonized cabaret

Théâtre Junction

Canada (Quebec)
multidisciplinary arts OFF CINARS
Duration 45 min.
Booth 116
11 November 2022 at 19:00 Conservatoire de musique et d'art dramatique de Montréal - Studio multimédia
Artistic Direction: Mark Lawes
CHAOSMOS is an immersive and poetic performance. This visual and sonic cocoon forms a utopian space that originated during a conversation involving Raphaële Thiriet, Mark Lawes and the renowned visual artist and original lead vocalist from the band CAN Malcolm Mooney, on the necessity of deconstructing power relations inherited through colonization. Inspired by the logic of biodiversity, this inviting curvilinear space welcomes us into the heart of suspended time, creating a sensorial experience of the organic and ever-evolving complexity of the natural world. The coexistence of movement, songs, interviews, texts and video present multiple points of access to this singular interdisciplinary work. At the heart of this performance is a common desire; that of attempting to deconstruct and break free of identities, by disassembling them like pieces of a puzzle, in order to playfully reveal potential new ways of becoming. In many ways CHAOSMOS speaks subtly about the necessity to reconnect to nature and the notion of biodiversity, for the human being is only a small piece of a larger interconnected whole, and the challenge today is to find our proper and humble place within that environment. On another level the work could be seen as an homage to our great friend Malcolm Mooney, who reveals his sensitivities and concerns for the world we live in today. Ian Jarvis - Musician Raphaële Thiriet - Singer Jasmine Allan-Côté & L'art de Capter - Photo credits Language of performance: French Subtitle : English Open to presenters only Number of seats (per performance): 20 Shuttle service NOT included
Represented by
Jamie Wright Art Circulation
Luce Couture Art Circulation
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