Biennale Cinars 2016

Photo credit : Tenon Mortaise

Tenon Mortaise

The Sandbox, Imaginary Playground for Toddlers


Canada (Quebec)

Artistic Director

Denys Lefebvre, Diane Loiselle


Café du Monument National

November 16, 2016 | 12:30PM - 12:45PM

Two funny characters, sometimes happy, sometimes gloomy, are playing in a sandbox. With the help of everyday childhood objects, we accompany them in their explorations and scenarios. This funny narrative is dotted with short stories built around the fives senses, and unites  clown, puppetry, mime and shadow theater.

*Presented as part of the Scène Ouverte showcase

COMEDIANS: Diane Loiselle, Nadine Walsh or Denys Lefebvre

Represented by

Julie Laviolette

Agente de diffusion

Scène Ouverte

+1 514-721-8588

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