Biennale Cinars 2016
Official programming

Photo credit : Andreas Bergmann Steen

Rapid Eye

The Moon Illusion



Artistic Director

Lars Bethke


Salle Pierre-Mercure

November 16, 2016 | 02:30PM - 04:30PM

In The Moon Illusion, Rapid Eye unfolds a fantastical universe of visual, musical magic and catching playfulness. The jugglers Samuel Gustavsson and Petter Wadsten, two of Scandinavia’s most significant modern circus artists, play teasingly with the idea of optical illusions. They are supported by exceptional electronica-musician Bjørn Svin’s seducing, extraordinary beats. When Gustavsson and Wadsten perform their equilibristic tricks with playful ease, a subtle and humorous poetry emerges – it seems as if they were born to be on that stage together.

CO-CREATORS: Ben Richter, Nina Kareis
PERFORMERS: Samuel Gustavsson, Petter Wadsten

Represented by

Maiken Bruun-Aamodt

Rapid Eye

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